Play as a refugee as you try and navigate your way to safety.

Using the testimony of refuges and NGO volunteers in camps of Greece, Turkey, Spain and France we were able to build a game, based in the classic Monopoly, that shows the circumstances that thousands of people escaping countries in conflict have to go through. The main aim of this Refugeoly game is to highlight the plight of being forced to be a refugee. By playing the game you can experience and understand how complex, dramatic and hard life can be for someone that simply is trying to flee from war and scarcity. This game is designed to create awareness of the situation of refugees at the borders of Europe.

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You only need a printer, a dice and a token for each player

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          ABOUT THE GAME

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Large Format REFUGEOLY workshops

We also organize Refugeoly workshops using a printable large format Refugeoly game. These workshops are aimed to organizations, schools, NGOs, etc that might be interested in experiencing and learning more about the refugee situation.
Our workshops have been run at Goldsmiths University (London), Blackbox Theather (Oslo), Hirikilabs Tabakalera (San Sebastian) and next January at La Casa Encendida (Madrid).

To book a Presentation and play Refugeoly or a Workshop simply email us at:


Refugeoly is a Vinny Montag project. 

Collaborators: John Halls, Tabakalera San Sebastian (Hirikilabs) Alai Ondo Design Studio, Jose Luis and Alba Regojo.

Special Thanks: Rathna Ramanathan (Royal College of Art), Ibai Zabaleta and Gonzalo Hohr. 

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Vinny Montag

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I was born in Cadiz (Spain) where I studied mechanics and later art, specialising in sculpture. My artworks has been exhibited in a long number of international shows and some of my art pieces are part of Cadiz government art archives and at private collections in Spain, Sweden, USA and UK. In 2010 I moved to London where I studied a BA in Multidisciplinary Design at Goldsmiths University and later I was awarded a scholarship from Burberry to study an MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art. 

Currently I work as Studio Coordinator and visiting tutor at Goldsmiths University Design Department. I am also a Visiting Tutor at London College of Fashion and freelance exhibition producer for Furtherfield gallery. 


​My work as a designer is multidisciplinary, working in projects for the industry (Worldpay, Burberry, Zadok Studio, or Barbican), also charities and art & design organisations. For the last few years I have mainly focus into social design. Homelessness and Forced Migration are the topics where I have developed most of my recent projects. In Education my design teaching is the area of Visual Communication, Design Experience and Futurism / Speculative design.

Contact:  /  + 44 7958912944


Supporters & Collaborators

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